Nausea of pregnancy

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is a sense of nausea that accompanies the future mother especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Nausea is a very common disorder among pregnant women, indeed the most known and most common The intensity varies from person to person and can be felt since the very first days of pregnancy.

It is called morning sickness although it can appear at any time of the day and can last all day.

Nausea in pregnancy: how long does it last?

Generally, nausea peaks around 12-14 weeks (when the HCG hormone peak is also at its peak) and is gone by the end of the fourth month: only a few women will continue to experience it even in the later months of pregnancy.

Why does nausea come in pregnancy?

The causes are still not entirely clear. The hypothesis that finds much favor among specialists is that it is due to the strong increase of certain hormones in the first trimester of pregnancy:



especially beta hCG,
chorionic gonadotropin

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