Supplement in capsules

Supplement in capsules with softgel coating based on Ginger extract titrated at 10% in gingerols: 6-GINGEROL AND 6-SHOGAOL 500 mg (nauseastop®) and vitamin B6 9,5 mg. The active ingredient of BENETASE® has a standardized profile in 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol, active substances responsible for the antiemetic effect. The use of a standardized extract with well-known active ingredients is important for effective results and proper dosing.

The active ingredient has been shown to be safe during pregnancy.

Active substances

6- gingerol and 6-shogaol antagonist action at gastric level the serotonin receptors (5-HT3) involved in the induction of nausea and vomiting.

Vitamins B6 Its effectiveness in nausea and vomiting is related to its important role in the production and regulation of neurotransmitters, which in turn modulate the ‘control center’ of nausea and vomiting.

Indications and posology

Antinausea, it is recommended to take 1 or 2 capsules per day.

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