Fosfa 2 Urto



Fosfa 2 urto®

Anti-cellulite cream

Anti-cellulite cream that reduces localized adiposity. Also suitable for post-surgery.

How to use

In post-surgery or as an intensive treatment for 3/6 months. Apply the cream on the affected areas with circular movements.

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Active substances

Phosphatidylcholoin and sodium deoxycholate in liposome 5%. It increases the breakdown of adipocytes (cells that accumulate fat) and facilitates the elimination of substances that are released after the breakdown of adipocytes.

Escin beta sitosterol 3% – Reduces edema (stagnation of fluids) and skin inflammation.

Ho provato i vostri prodotti, in particolare il fosfa 2 urto, e ne sono rimasta veramente soddisfatta. Il risultato è eccezionale. Aspetto quello da 200 ml.

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