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Acne and intestinal microbiota

By 9 March 2020March 18th, 2020No Comments

What is the microbiota? The microbiota is the set of all micro-organisms that inhabit within and on the surface of our body.
When the gut microbiota is altered, by several factors such as a diet rich in fats or carbohydrates or from stress, it increases inflammation and cutaneous sebum production. Saccharomyces boulardii yeast helps restore the intestinal microbiota, improving the appearance of the skin and reducing the signs of acne.

Acne in adulthood
More and more people in adulthood have acne problems.
Acne can occur in adulthood due to the following causes: stress; pollution,
the alteration of the intestinal microbiota (see article acne and intestinal microbiota) and even hormonal imbalances.
Among the possible causes are also an incorrect cleansing and care of the skin, or even the use of certain medications. If acne occurs mildly it can only be treated topically. Risil A call to action is the perfect topical treatment. Remember the importance of seeing your dermatologist to confirm your particular acne diagnosis.