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Anti-aging and skin renewal

Password in skin aging: renew

By 9 March 2020No Comments

During skin aging the renewal processes slow down making the skin appears less hydrated, with decreased elasticity and brightness and wrinkles appear.

What can we do? It is possible to use cosmetic products that contain substances capable of renewing our skin.

Password: renew, renew and still renew.


Slow down skin aging with diet
We know that the cause of skin aging are free radicals which are substances that are formed at the cell level and damage the cells. These substances are physiologically formed during aging or thanks to sunlight (mainly UVA).
With the diet we can introduce antioxidants capable of destroying free radicals.
What are antioxidants? Where do we find them? We can find antioxidants in fruits and vegetables and are represented by vitamins C, A and E.