Come dice il nome “funziona“ !

Ottimo integratore a dosaggio giornaliero di panax ginseng

Ottimo prodotto.
lo uso da meno di un mese e la perdita dei capelli è già migliorata.

Valentina D.


Food supplement

Trigan is a food supplement in tablets with a unique technology, suitable for hair loss.

How to use

1 or 2 tablets per day.
Find our products in pharmacies and in parapharmacies

Functional substances

Trigan® contains two active substances:

  • Korean red ginseng in clinical studies both in men and women showed an increase in the density and thickness of the hair. The Ginseng extract in Trigan® is titled in the Rg3.
  • Beta-sitosterol present in various plant species promotes growth and reduces hair thinning.

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